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Growing Up - A taste for business and trying times


Charlotte lives with her husband and son who she adores. Business started young for Charlotte and throughout her childhood she experimented with diverse ventures - from putting on local pet shows in the pub garden next door, to making friendship bracelets her older sister could sell at work. 'I realised when putting on my first pet show at ten that I could buy value orange squash for around 30p, make around 30 cups to sell at 30p each - making myself £9, this concept really excited me.'


Determined in many ways Charlotte watched the olympics when she was just 4 years old, telling her mother she wanted to be able to 'do what the gymnasts do' she spent every evening in her diningroom practicing until she could do the splits and other gymnastic moves, she was then spotted in a gym display and went on to enjoy years of professional training. Never afraid of hard work Charlotte made price lists to deliver to the neighbours for odd jobs, from leaf collecting to car washing. At 14 she started hair braiding and henna tattooing as a street trader, this later became her first business, employing friends over the summer holidays; 'I would always rather spend my spare time creating and working than playing or watching TV, I never saw the point of doing something that wasn't going to better myself or make something.'


As Charlotte has openly discussed in her blog and as a subject in Ruby Wax's recent Channel 4 documentary, she had some trials to overcome throughout her formative years. 'Yes I have lived with and witnessed things that were quite honestly horrific, but this gave me the perfect platform. I am not denying the impact the troubled times had on me, but after you blow out the rebelious aftermath you are left with two choices; overcome it, or let it overcome you and what better knowledge to start to make it better - for myself, for my family and for other people!'


Moving Up - Writing and breaking through in business


Spurred by her experiences and her drive and creativity, Charlotte has written a series of children's books called 'The Molly and Billy Series' aimed at helping children who may experience abuse, violence or bullying. These have been used by the NSPCC. Uncovered Magazine, her first breakthrough business venture with investor and business partner Simon Dolan (through their publishing house Fantelli Imprint), was the first mental health glossy on the newsstand, this and website Mental Healthy has seen hundreds of thousands of people given access to free mental health information and advice. Charlotte has written on may subjects including psychology, sexology, and her works on abortion are being taught as part of the GCSE and A-Level national curriculum.


Never Giving Up - Patrick Stewart, Leicester Square and a dream that wouldn't quit


For her work within the fields of mental health and domestic violence Charlotte won 2013 Marie Claire, Avon and Woman's Aid 'Empowering Woman Award', he entrepreneurship has seen her named in the 'Women of the Future Awards', and the Mumpreneur top 100.  But it was in 2013 Charlotte's career met her lifelong ambition to make films, she started production company Fantelli Productions, to add to the 'Fantelli Media' family and set about making her first film.  Journey to Le Mans was her brainchild, an avid motorsport fan and self-confessed 'Petrol-head', it was her vision to bring to the screen the grit of the racetrack and the men who take it on. You can read here how Charlotte raised over £400,000 and how despite 147 rejections, her debut film made it on to the big screen in Leicester Square, was narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart, and made it on to televisions across the globe  READ MORE


The future


Charlotte now has business interests in marketing, technology, publishing and film production, she says 'I suppose you could say I am a 'serial entrepreneur' I just have to be involved in projects that excite me, that's what gets me into work of a morning. I will be moving forward in film whilst keeping a hand in the other

businesses I have interests in, afterall film is risky and while I am a business

woman who makes calculated risks, I am a wife and mum first so i have to

balance my excitement at a challenge, with working hard at what I know will

bring in an income.'


When asked about her interests in her personal life Charlotte said 'my family is

my world and when I'm not in the forest or beach with them, I am indulging my

passion for writing or art. As for what else makes me tick (outside of business)

it has to be fast cars and stupidly high heels; although after three new clutches

in my driving life, I've decided it's best not to put the two together.'




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'Never give up on a dream you just can't stop dreaming!'

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