Charlotte's first feature film Journey to Le Mans tells the story of Great British privateer team Jota Sport and their journey to the greatest race on earth Le Mans 24 hours. Fantelli emerses herself and her crew intimately within the small team and accesses the innermost workings of the LMP2 team. She says of the film 'I have been a motorsport fan all my life, being that close to the team for a whole season was intense and emotional, having a small crew and unprecidented access, I really believe we deliver something far beyond a glancing look at the race and motorsport itself, rather we bring a story of the men who against all odds, with passion and guts take on the gruelling and fascinating race that is Le Mans.'


Journey to Le Mans was the brainchild of Fantelli and from initial pitch, to fundraising, producing, directing and writing the scripts for narrators Sir Patrick Stewart and Tiff Needell, Charlotte held the reins on the entire project. 'It was certainly an experience and whilst I made sure I had a tight grip across the production I made the very best decision to get on board experienced and talented individuals every step of the way, from DOPs Stuart Keasley and Adam Parkes to the on screen voices of Tiff, John Hindhaugh and of course the fantastic Sir Patrick Stewart - who I must say was as delightful as you would imagine and a highlight of my career to work with.'


Journey to Le Mans

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